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History Exhibits

Visualizing Votes for Women: Nineteen Objects from the 19th Amendment Campaign

Celebrating the passage of the woman suffrage amendment by focusing on Nineteen Objects from the campaign.

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Click: The Ongoing Feminist Revolution

Detailing women’s collective and individual accomplishments since the 1940s.


Lowell Thomas and Lawrence of Arabia: Making a Legend, Creating History

How journalism can create legends, and legends can create history.

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Picturing the Past: Illustrated Histories and the American imagination 1840-1900

How visual images gradually became acceptable, then desirable, and finally indispensable to historical thinking.

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Quilts as Visual History

Examining quilts reveals how history and memory are intertwined in material culture, telling stories of families and communities.

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Native Americans: Our First Historians

Native Americans: Our First Artists and Historians

Entitled “The Historian,” this Nineteenth century painting by E. Irving Couse documents the use of buckskin as the medium for some Native Americans to record their history. When exhibited at the National Academy this picture was considered one of the most important paintings of the year.

Under development in early 2025.

Photography Exhibits

Frances Benjamin Johnston

This pioneering photojournalist left a remarkable visual record of early 20th Century. One that offers rich opportunities for historical and cultural analysis as well as studies in race, class and gender.

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Mary and Frances Allen

The photography of the Allen sisters reflects their commitment to capturing the gentle beauty around them and visualizing the past.

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The Peter Palmquist Gallery

This gallery presents the work of four early women photographers from California.

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