Our Mission

Clio is dedicated to developing innovative online history projects that are designed to engage students, assist educators and researchers, and appeal to a wide public audience. 

Our History

From its foundation in 1996 to 2001, Clio created history education projects and offered a wide array of history research services and project development for clients including CD-ROMs, interactive kiosks, websites, exhibition and education consulting. All were designed to be visually appealing, intellectually sophisticated and provide a lively sense of historical narrative. See:

In 2002, Clio changed its legal structure and business model to a nonprofit organization that could concentrate exclusively on its own projects, funded solely by grants and public support. With the explosion of the Internet, it became increasingly evident the powerful media role the World Wide Web would be playing. It had the potential for providing a new platform for education, and it could reach a broad geographic, demographic and diverse audience. Clio’s major focus became developing a visualizing history website that would be freely accessible, with no advertising or receipt of royalties.