New York

Clio provided scholarly consultation and research on the development of New York, a five-part 10-hour documentary film series by Ric Burns and Lisa Ades which appeared on PBS in 2000. Drawing on an unparalleled visual archives of paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, motion pictures and graphics, and on the voices of countless men and women who have lived in and built the City, New York charts the historical development from the establishment as a Dutch trading post to the present. Client: Steeplechase Films (New York, NY)

The First Measured Century

Clio directed historical research for The First Measured Century: Another Way of Looking at American History, a three-hour prime time documentary series airing nationally on PBS in 2000. The First Measured Century looks at the 20th century through statistical data that marks major social trends of the last one hundred years. Beginning with these figures, the film tells the human stories behind the important demographic changes of the century. Client: Tony Potter and Tom Spain