“The Old Folks at Home” One of the photos of African Americans as juxtaposed by Johnston with other photographs of Hampton graduates. [LOC: LC-USZ62-81152]
Rural Virginia This photo was part of Johnston’s study of black life in rural Virginia. Though not a part of her Hampton series, like some of the images in that study, these photos “stand on their own as a fine study of the countryside’s fecundity—melons, hogs, syrup, and wash pots and proud but poor black families” (Daniel and Smock, 102). [LOC: LC-J698-61158]
Carlisle Indian School, 1900 Students debating “the Negro question.” “Resolved: That the Negroes of the South should not be denied the right [of] citizenship.” After completing photos of the Hampton Institute and Washington, D.C. schools, Johnston journeyed to the Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania. Carlisle’s founder, Richard Henry Pratt, visited Hampton in 1878 and was inspired to start a similar school for the American Indians a year later. (Daniel and Smock, 113) [LOC: USZ62-38150]

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