Press Release / November 2015



New Online History Exhibit Explores the Women’s Movement and the Expansion of Feminism after World War II

Feminism is explained from a historical perspective in a new web-based exhibit created by Clio Visualizing History ( in Shelburne, Vermont. Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution explores the collective action and individual achievements of women since the 1940s. In the spirit of 1970s consciousness-raising, the name refers to the “click” moment when women discovered the powerful ideas of modern feminism.

Click! features 46 film clips, taken from 27 documentary films. The exhibit’s extensive interactive timelines and in-depth essays are supported by primary documents, photos and online resources.

Clio’s director, historian Lola Van Wagenen, collaborated with a team of feminist scholars: Melanie Gustafson, associate professor of history at the University of Vermont; historian Marilyn Blackwell, from Montpelier; Amy Feely Morsman, associate professor of history at Middlebury College; and Susan Ware, writer, editor, historian, and senior advisor at the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America, Radcliffe Institute. Van Wagenen also worked with filmmakers, artists, web designers and other technical professionals to create the project’s unique features.

Well-known national projects and leaders are discussed, and grassroots efforts of diverse and lesser-known women across the country are highlighted. The authors document the struggle for gender equality in several major areas – workplace and family; politics and social movements; the body and health – and carry the story of this ongoing feminist revolution into the twenty-first century.

Access to the website is free. Clio Visualizing History is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to developing innovative online history projects for students, teachers, researchers and everyone with an interest in how the past has influenced the present.