Sioux Indian chiefs with William Jennings Bryan at the Pan American Exposition in 1901 Left to right: F. T. Cummings, General Manager of the Exposition; High Hawk; Jack Red Cloud; Blue Horse; Little Wound; William Jennings Bryan. In 1892, Johnston photographed the construction of the Columbian Exposition in Chicago and then returned in 1893 after the Expo opened. She was an active participant in the Universal Exposition in Paris during the summer of 1900. [LOC: LC-J71-10005]
A Miner, 1903 Johnston photographed this man at the Mesabi Range, sixty miles from Lake Superior. (Daniel and Smock, 47) [LOC: LC-USZ62-47 086]
Lower falls of Yellowstone Johnston was an enthusiastic traveler. She probably took this photograph while on a stagecoach visit in 1903. (Daniel and Smock, 134) [LOC: USZ62-81152]