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1970 The Female Eunuch

81.   … 1970 The Female Eunuch The Female Eunuch by Australian scholar Germaine Greer was an international bestseller and is considered a foundational feminist text. A eunuch is a castrated or celibate man;… …  

1970 Title X Family Planning

82.   … 1970 Title X Family Planning The Title X Family Planning Program of the Public Health Service Act provides funds to community health clinics and centers providing family planning services to… …  

1970 “Take a Good Look”

83.   … 1970 “Take a Good Look” In her essay “Take a Good Look at Our Problems,” which was published in the book Black Women’s Liberation, Pamela Newman wrote “The very idea that women are here on earth just… …  

1970 “Women and Their Bodies”

84.   … 1970 “Women and Their Bodies” “Women and Their Bodies” was first a workshop at a women’s liberation conference at Emmanuel College (near Boston). Workshop members founded the Doctor’s Group, which… …  

1971 Dalkon Shield

85.   … 1971 Dalkon Shield The Dalkon Sheild, a contraceptive intrauterine device (IUD), was promoted by the A. H. Robins Company as a safe and reliable form of birth control when it went on the market in… …  

1971 FDA bans DES

86.   … 1971 FDA bans DES DES (diethylstilbestrol), a synthetic estrogen, was prescribed to pregnant women from 1938 to 1971 to prevent miscarriages. Research published in 1953 showed that DES did not… …  

1971 Gay Women’s Open House

87.   … 1971 Gay Women’s Open House The Gay Women’s Open House was held from 1971 to 1979 at the home of Lilli Vincenz, a member of the gay-rights organization Mattachine Society of Washington. The Open… …  

1971 Rape: The First Sourcebook

88.   … 1971 Rape: The First Sourcebook Rape: The First Sourcebook for Women, edited by Noreen Connell and Cassandra Wilson, was published by the New York Radical Feminists. It followed a Rape Speak-Out and… …  

1971 “Rape: The All-American Crime”

89.   … 1971 “Rape: The All-American Crime” Susan Griffin’s “Rape: The All-American Crime” appeared in the New Left journal Ramparts. It was then published as a book titled Rape: The Power of Consciousness.… …  

1971 “The Motherhood Myth”

90.   … 1971 “The Motherhood Myth” Bev Cole’s essay “Black Women and the Motherhood Myth” was published in “The Right to Choose Abortion,” a pamphlet issued by Female Liberation, a Boston women’s liberation… …  

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1971 The Click! Moment

The idea of the “Click! moment” was coined by Jane O’Reilly. “The women in the group looked at her, looked at each other, and ... click! A moment of truth. The shock of recognition. Instant sisterhood... Those clicks are coming faster and faster. They were nearly audible last summer, which was a very angry summer for American women. Not redneck-angry from screaming because we are so frustrated and unfulfilled-angry, but clicking-things-into-place-angry, because we have suddenly and shockingly perceived the basic disorder in what has been believed to be the natural order of things.” Article, “The Housewife's Moment of Truth,” published in the first issue of Ms. Magazine and in New York Magazine. Republished in The Girl I Left Behind, by Jane O'Reilly (Macmillan, 1980). Jane O'Reilly papers, Schlesinger Library.