Singular Agendas of Publishers, Historians, and Artists

Individual publishers, historians and artists had specific motivations for entering the illustrated book market, motivations that were often deeply personal and frequently conflicted with those of others involved in the projects. Financial concerns were a key consideration, of course, as each wished to have a controlling interest in whatever monetary returns were available on their work. Notoriety and fame were also important to many of these figures, and they sometimes undercut the careers of their fellow collaborators to accomplish these for themselves. These motivations were evident in the production history of John Frost’s Pictorial History of the United States published in four volumes in 1844.[10]

Click on the relevant oval to reveal the individual agendas of the publisher [Benjamin Walker], the historian [John Frost], and the artist/illustrator [William Croome].

[10] John Frost, The Pictorial History of the United States of America, 4 vols. (Philadelphia: Benjamin Walker, 1844).