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A Shattered Peace by David A. Andelman

Asia Magazine, American Asiatic Association, Vol. 19, January – December, 1919.

Page 819: “Thomas Lawrence – Prince of Mecca,” by Lowell Thomas. Photographs by the author. September 1919.

Page 998: “With Lawrence and Feisal in Arabia,” by Lowell Thomas. Photographs by the author and staff. October 1919.

Page 1205: “The Matinée Idol of Arabia,” by Lowell Thomas. Photographs by the author and staff. December 1919.

British Library Digitised Manuscripts: images of Lawrence's wartime notebooks and diaries.

"Castle in the Clouds: A Celebration of Lawrence of Arabia," video by Carter Community School. June 21, 2014.

Great Arab Revolt Project:

Institut d’Études Avancées, Paris: “Translating the First World War: The Case of T.E. Lawrence.”

"Lawrence Alarab," Istikana television production (in Arabic).

“Lessons from History? The Paris Peace Conference of 1919” by Margaret MacMillan

Lowell Thomas biography website by W.A. Haugen:

The Lowell Thomas Travelogues, Marist Archives and Special Collections:

"Mystery Files: Lawrence of Arabia," Smithsonian Channel, January 2012:

Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World by Margaret MacMillan

Portrait of T.E. Lawrence (last known oil painting of him), by Augustus John:

“T. E. Lawrence and the Arab Cause at the Paris Peace Conference” by Andrew Clubb

T. E. Lawrence Award for Mediaeval History, Oxford University.

T.E. Lawrence Studies

“The Shape of Things to Come,” CBC Radio discussion

The T.E. Lawrence Society

Video: “Passing of a Hero: ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ Laid to Rest.” Gaumont British Newsreel (Reuters), May 23, 1935.

Who’s Who — T.E. Lawrence

"With Lawrence in Arabia, a Lowell Thomas Adventure Film," 1927. The film can be viewed at the Library of Congress in Washington DC ( To make an appointment, contact the Library by telephone at 202-707-8572, or e-mail mpref@[remove this text], and request VBR 3028, mavis: 50853-5-1, from the Heyniger Collection.

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