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Perspective: Lowell Thomas on The Movie

Lowell Thomas comments on the film “Lawrence of Arabia” in a draft of article for TV Guide.

“The Lawrence story is the stuff of which great legends are made: rather shy archaeologist, a little man with a wild sense of humor who takes delight in cutting stuffy superiors down to size; an outsider who goes into so-called forbidden country – the Mecca-Medina part of the Arabian peninsula – that few non-Muslims had ever penetrated; player of the key role in creating unity among fighting desert tribesmen who for centuries had been separated by bitter blood feuds; a wanted man with a large reward on his head dead or alive, by the Turks; leader of forces that occupied the attention of as large a part of the Turkish army as was in combat against Allenby and his army. Plus the fact that he wore striking Arab costumes and was reputed to be able to outdo the Arabs at those things they could do better than other people do them.  All this combined to create a Lawrence legend that is likely to endure for centuries, perhaps for millenniums.  But there always are people who resent such acclaim….”