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Perspective: Murat Bardakçi on Hacim Muhiddin Bey

A translated excerpt about Hacim Muhiddin Bey, who was accused of rape by T.E. Lawrence, from “The Name of Hacim Muhiddin Bey Has Been Cleared But Who is S.A.?” by Murat Bardakçi, Türkçe Bilgi, May 21, 2006.

“During the Greek occupation of Izmir in 1919 he was the governor (mutasarrıf) of the Balikesir district. After the occupation he became one of the founders of the Turkish resistance movement (Kuvá-yı Milliye) in Western Anatolia and organized meetings in Nazilli and Alaşehir in which nationalist opposition to Greek opposition was organized. Later, he moved to Ankara, served as a member of the parliament between 1920 to 1950, chaired the Eastern Court of Liberation (Şark İstiklal Mahkemesi) for four years, left the politics in 1950, and passed away in Izmir in 1965. Hacim Bey did not know about Lawrence’s allegations while he was alive.”

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