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Perspective: Daily Telegraph on The Show

Alder Anderson, The Daily Telegraph, October 2, 1919

“I can conceive of no more invigorating tonic than two hours spent in Convent Garden theatre any afternoon or evening in the company of Mr. Lowell Thomas. What is modestly described as ‘an illustrated travelogue’ of the British campaigns in Palestine and Arabia is in reality an heroic epic capable of inspiring a dozen modern emulators of Homer or Plutarch. It is a triumphal vindication of the power of moving pictures simultaneously to charm the eye, entertain the spirit, and move to its very depth the soul of the spectator…. It is a trumpet call to every man, woman and even child to remind them of their great inheritance, and that all must do their individual share in handling it on untarnished. Whether it would be feasible or not I am unable to say, but if this illustrated travelogue of Mr. Lowell Thomas could be shown in every big center throughout the country for the next year or two it would do more, I believe, to allay industrial unrest than any measure the most far-sighted and sagacious sociologist could devise. Through it has already been exhibited at Convent Garden over a hundred times, the big theatre continues to be packed twice a day. The whole demeanor of the audience and the rapt attention with which it follows the explanations of the pictures is most impressive. In the circumstances it seems most a national misfortune that this series of wonderful speaking pictures will have to be withdrawn in a few more days…”