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Online Quilt Resources

Quilting Organizations

Quilt Alliance

This nonprofit organization started in 1993 with the mission to document, preserve, and share the American quilt heritage. This collection of rich stories about historic and contemporary quilts and their makers describe the diverse peoples and communities of this nation. Quilt makers, designers, scholars, teachers, and collectors come together to promote understanding of the quilt as an important American grassroots form.

American Quilt Study Group

A nonprofit quilt research organization, this group works to preserve quilt heritage through various publications, an extensive research library, yearly seminar, and membership contracts. Members include traditional and contemporary quilt artists, quilt lovers, historians, researchers, collectors, dealers, folklorists, authors, museum curators, quilt appraisers, and students of women's studies.

American Quilter's Society 

Information about books, magazines, products, quilt shows and contests, workshops, and other activities provides assistance to quilters of all skill levels to expand their horizons in quilt making, design, expression, and collecting. This group sponsors an annual quilt show in Paducah, Kentucky, considered the premier international quilting event.

International Quilt Museum

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln presents this online archive and museum—a rich collection of quilts, exhibitions, and quilt information. Their mission is to collect, preserve, study, exhibit, and promote discovery of quilts and quiltmaking traditions from many cultures, countries, and times. Their comprehensive and accessible collection of quilts, related textiles, and documents form a primary text for study, insight, and inspiration.

Quilt Index

Conceived and developed by the Alliance for American Quilts in partnership with Michigan State University's Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online and the Michigan State University Museum, this website is a research and reference tool. This resource provides images and information on quilts in private collections, museums, libraries, and state documentation projects.

Quilters Hall of Fame

This organization honors those who have made significant contributions to the world of quilting.

Vermont Quilt Festival

This annual Festival features antique traditional quilts as well as work by inventive quilters who create their own patterns. This year's festival, June 26-28, 2015, will highlight 19th century quilting styles, New England quilts, scrap quilts, and much more. Visit the Vermont Quilt Festival in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Womenfolk: The Art of Quilting

This website provides information about the history of quilting, descriptions of quilting styles, examination of ethnic and multi-cultural quilters, myths, historic patterns, and the history behind each pattern.

Institutions with Historic Quilt Collections

Daughters of the American Revolution

Founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., the DAR is a nonprofit, non-political volunteer women's service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and providing quality history education.

Kansas Historical Society

The Kansas State Historical Society includes a museum, state archives and library, historic sites, and publications to promote the rich history of the state. Their collections include books, photos, documents, and artifacts documenting a rich local history.

Museum of Fine Arts of Boston

The MFA's textile collection was started when Boston was the center of the U.S. textile industry. Today the Museum owns more than 27,000 objects ranging from American needlepoint to European tapestries, Middle Eastern rugs, African kente cloths, and haute couture fashions.

New England Quilt Museum

Located in historic downtown Lowell, Massachusetts, the historic center of the nation's textile industry, this institution holds exhibition galleries, a research and history center, and a museum store. The collection includes over 150 quilts and quilt tops as well as quilt-related items: patterns, tops, sewing machines, and educational materials. Their library owns reference books, quilt magazines, information on local quilt guilds and shows, and quilt software.

Pioneer and Historical Society of Muskingum

This institution seeks to preserve the memory of the pioneers who settled in Muskingum County, Ohio. They collect items of historical significance to the area.

Yakima Valley Museum

The Yakima Valley Museum holds a significant collection of quilts in Yakima, Washington. Their exhibits contain as many authentic objects as possible.

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